How to Share Multiple Photos In a Single Instagram Post

April 24, 2017 12:00 pm Published by

It seems like Instagram is always introducing new ways to share content. While it can sometimes be challenging to stay on top of the latest trends and developments, marketers should never overlook a new opportunity to organically grow Instagram followers.

As such, you’d better believe that the relatively recent announcement that you can now share up to ten photos and videos in a single Instagram “carousel” post provides some new opportunities for marketers.

But how can this feature help you organically grow Instagram followers, and how do you even use it in the first place?

Don’t worry. We’ve got your answers.

How to Share Multiple Photos

Sharing multiple photos may sound like a tricky task, but unlike other Instagram posting options, the company has tried to keep everything as user-friendly as possible to improve overall content quality.

When you open up your app to upload new photos to your feed, you’ll notice a small blue icon in the bottom right corner. Clicking on this icon will allow you to select multiple videos and photos for your post.

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Currently, this sharing option limits you by requiring that all photos and videos be cropped into a square, but you still have total control over every other aspect of the media that would normally be included in your post (such as filters, tagging and captions). The order you tap the images in is the order in which they’ll appear.

Rearranging the order of your images is as simple as tapping an image and dragging it to the appropriate spot in your menu—likewise, you can also remove a photo by dragging it into the trash can icon.

Once everything has been set up to your liking, press “share” and your post will be published for your followers to see, with a series of small dots underneath the image so viewers know there’s more than one image in your post.

The Benefits of Multiple Photos

So why would sharing multiple photos or videos in a single post be interesting to you as an Instagram marketer?

For one thing, these “carousel” posts create a more efficient way to tell your story. Previously, your only option for including multiple images would be to use carousel ads or to cram multiple images together into a collage.

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When trying to organically grow Instagram followers, neither of these options was particularly ideal. Collages often significantly reduce image quality, and you might not have the budget to purchase carousel ads in the first place. While the introduction of Instagram Stories allows you to combine images, their eventual disappearance from your feed limits their long-term usefulness.

Now that you can share multiple photos and videos in a single post, however, you have new opportunities for telling your story and promoting your brand through your account—and at the end of the day, isn’t storytelling what social media is all about?

Your possibilities for carousel Instagram posts are only limited by your imagination. A restaurant could use this feature to highlight each individual part of a three-course dinner. A home maintenance company could showcase a DIY tutorial for a simple home repair. Or you might even highlight your latest product launches!

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With the creative freedom to include multiple photos and videos, you can craft more compelling stories for your target audience, increasing engagement and creating a key resource for spurring organic follower growth.


While this new feature is still in its early stages, its easy-to-use nature and the opportunities it creates for better visual storytelling ensure that an increasing number of marketers will be jumping onboard in the months to come.

By getting a head start now, you can organically grow Instagram followers and make your account that much more engaging.

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