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The Raw Power of Sponsored Posts on Instagram

February 13, 2017 12:00 pm Published by

It isn’t always easy to generate quick growth on Instagram—especially when you have a small audience base or are just starting out with your Instagram efforts. Improving your posting strategy is a great way to improve engagement, but when your audience numbers in the dozens, it can still be hard to get the results you want.

So how can you tap into the marketing potential of Instagram and truly grow your audience? The answer lies in Instagram sponsored posts. When done right—as in with quality images, proper targeting, and a strong call-to-action—this Instagram marketing effort can generate some truly impressive results that will grow your social media brand.

Why Sponsored Posts?

First, it helps to understand why Instagram sponsored posts should play a role in your marketing strategy in the first place. While it’s true that using hashtags on your posts or re-sharing user-generated content can broaden your reach, these methods aren’t always your best bet at reaching new audiences.

After all, not everyone actively searches hashtags to discover new content—and there’s a good chance your current followers aren’t producing any relevant, interesting content that would be appropriate for you to share.

Instagram Sponsored Posts Kickstagram Marketing

Sponsored posts allow you to bypass these pitfalls by presenting several options to get your content in front of new, relevant audiences. From simply boosting a post from your feed to creating a video with its own call-to-action, Instagram’s in-depth targeting options allow you to reach new audiences based on interests, geographic location, or even similarity to current audience members.

Focused targeting puts your content in front of users who are most likely to find it engaging and relevant to their lives. Brands have reported a 18.15% increase in followers over a four-day period, simply from using sponsored posts. Even more importantly, this helps build an active community that will spread your reach even farther.

The Power of Sponsored Posts

Of course, Instagram is ultimately a means to an end. As nice as it is to have a large, highly engaged social audience, you want your social media followers to turn into devoted customers. Sponsored posts can do much more than simply spread the word about your business. Thanks to the call-to-action options featured in Instagram ads, your sponsored posts can directly encourage potential customers to sign up, learn more, or take another desired action.

By helping you reach individuals who are the most likely to be interested in your product or service, Instagram sponsored posts won’t just help you build a larger digital audience—they can also increase your profit margin.

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One powerful example of this is the brand UFC Gym, which used a tightly targeted Instagram campaign to increase signups. By targeting their sponsored posts based on users’ interests in fitness and their geographic location, the company was able to drive new signups, while also reducing its cost per acquisition by nearly 67 percent.

Digital lending company SoFi also used Instagram sponsored posts to build awareness for its offerings. As a new company without any physical locations, mobile advertising was an absolute must if SoFi wanted to have any chance of success. As with UFC Gym, the company took a strategic approach to its targeting to ensure that its ads were placed in front of the right people.

Instagram Sponsored Posts

The result? A dramatic increase in both brand awareness and pre-approved loan applications. Quite simply, combining powerful targeting with quality ad content allows sponsored posts to completely transform your business outcomes.


While Instagram sponsored posts will likely require a bit more of an investment than simply posting content to your own feed, the results can make an incredible difference for your digital marketing efforts.

By using targeted sponsored posts to reach new audiences, you’ll be able to gain new—and highly engaged—followers for your Instagram account and increase your company’s overall chances for success in the digital world.

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