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5 of the Best Free Stock Photo Sites the Internet has to Offer

April 15, 2016 1:15 am Published by

Though the majority of Instagram posts contain photos that are taken by account owners themselves on their own smartphones, many brands have taken to using stock photos to create unique, engaging content.

If you follow any major companies on Instagram, odds are high that you’ve seen a few of them. More often than not, they’re overlaid with an inspirational quote …

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Powerful words …

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Or even a call-to-action of some sort …

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That said, never limit your creativity! As a brand, whatever you plan to do with your content on Instagram, odds are hight that—at one point or another—stock photos will be involved. But here’s the thing—not just any old stock photo will do.

When it comes to representing your brand, only the best will suffice, but there’s a potential problem, here. If you’re like most Instagram for business brands, you’ll want your stock images to be both free of charge and visually enticing.

Fortunately, you won’t need to pick and choose between the two. The best free stock photos that the Internet has to offer can all be found by visiting the sites below:

1) Unsplash

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Ask any web designer about where he or she goes to find the best free stock photos, and they’ll without a doubt mention Unsplash. In spite of the competition that’s prevalent in today’s digital day and age, Unsplash remains the king of awesome free stock photos.

Even better, every 10 days, Unsplash publishes 10 new photos under the creative commons public domain license, so the site’s library is constantly expanding.

2) StockSnap

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Though Unsplash is certainly difficult to overthrow, StockSnap is certainly making a case to become the new king of all free stock photo sites. Not only does StockSnap add hundreds of beautiful, high-resolution photos every week, but the site actually goes out of its way to track image views and downloads.

This is good for business, because it ensures that the first images you see are the best images in StockSnap’s library, saving you plenty of precious time.

3) Gratisography

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Are you seeing at trend with this list, yet? That’s right—much like Unsplash and StockSnap, Gratisography also offers free, high-resolution images for anybody to use for both personal and commercial projects.

That said, what makes Gratisography unique is that 100% of the featured photos have been taken by a single man—Ryan McGuire of Bells Design. As such, the site brings with it a more personal touch, as far as its photos are concerned.

4) Negative Space

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Negative Space’s user interface isn’t as smooth as the above sites, but its photos are just as clean, fresh and impressive. Every week, 20 new photos are released to the general public under the Creative Commons CCO, so feel free to do with them as you please. Oh! And one last thing—all photos are sorted by category, color and copy space, making your job as easy as can be.

5) SplitShire

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Similar to Gratisography, the photos linked to SplitShire make up the creative collection of a single individual. In this case, the incredible free photos you’re encouraged to download and use frequently are attributed to web designer Daniel Nanescu.

Wrapping Things Up

Listen, it’s not necessary that you be using stock photos for every single post you plan to publish, but if you’re serious about taking your Instagram marketing to the next level, having a go-to resource for free, jaw-dropping stock photos is an absolute necessity. Fortunately, we’ve already done the heavy lifting for you. Enjoy!

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