4 Reasons Your Business Can’t Afford to Buy Instagram Followers

September 4, 2017 12:00 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It seems as though digital marketing experts release new information on a weekly basis regarding social media advertising – specifically organic Instagram growth. While this rate may seem excessive, it is now more important than ever to keep up with these marketing trends, as your current habits could be hurting your social reach.

One of the first details that Instagram users often look for when assessing an account’s worth is the amount of followers. This seemingly petty number at the top of the page can certainly add a sense of prominence for some brands. However, none of this is true without a genuine brand posting engaging content first and foremost.

In the not-so-distant past, companies chose to focus merely on acquiring followers – even before establishing a brand image through regular posts. While this may have been an effective way to jumpstart your brand’s Instagram account in the past, recent studies report the contrary.

Purchasing Instagram followers remains a common phenomenon among brands today, but it now appears to be less effective than organic Instagram growth. Below is a list of four reasons why your brand shouldn’t bother purchasing Instagram followers:

1) Spammy Appearance

While many Instagram follower bots have more subtle ways of showing their inauthentic nature, others will blatantly post promotional content through user’s accounts and immediately appear spammy. If your service tends to do this, we highly recommend seizing to utilize it immediately.

By revealing to your followers that you are in fact using follower-boosting services, they tend to discredit your authenticity as a brand. If their previous notion about your company was that you’re successful enough on your own to accumulate a strong following, then they will be disappointed that you’ve come to such lengths for a mere follower count.

2) Loss of Genuine Followers

After writing your page off as spammy, your real life followers will become uninterested and eventually unfollow your account. They don’t want to feel tricked into following you or be associated with the rest of your bot or “fake” followers. Many Instagram bot services will autonomously follow new users based on the content they frequently engage with. This can also be deceiving for users and cause them to never follow your account.

3) Decrease In Engagement

A surefire way to distinguish a bot user is to look at their follower to engagement ratio. Trust us when we say that modern users are keen enough to detect suspicious behavior, such as an account with 30k followers and only 50 likes and two comments per post.

The truth of the matter is that modern Instagram users are now less impressed with a mere follower count. This is vastly due to excessive bot use and from thousands of brands looking to lure followers in a highly inorganic manner. The top priority for any young company looking to thrive in the social media-advertising realm should be posting consistent and engaging content.

After solidifying your true brand image, post content regularly to attract a genuine audience in your specific niche. These loyal followers will boost your engagement will real likes and comments more than any bot ever could.

4) Decrease In Sales

A recent study by AdEspresso revealed the true effects of running a follower bot service vs. organic Instagram growth through engaging posts. The test measured everything from in-app engagement to website traffic. While the accounts were using the bot services, they saw a sudden increase in followers and decrease in web traffic. In other words, less Instagram traffic putting items in the shopping cart.

The correlation remained consistent when measuring likes, views and comments, too. Keep in mind that social media is one of the most rapidly changing mediums for advertising we’ve ever had the pleasure of utilizing. As such, users are evolving as well and critiquing the practice along the way.

Consider these findings when optimizing your brand’s Instagram account for the most authentic user engagement possible.

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